Conroe Courier Sept 28, 2020

The Conroe Noon Kiwanis Club wants to devote this article to the support of our local Conroe Police Department and our local First Responders including Conroe Fire Department and Montgomery County Hospital District. Both the First Responders and the Conroe PD have always participated in our Kid’s Day at the Park with interactive equipment allowing the kids to physically enter their vehicles, sit in the driver seats, see and touch the apparatus they use, and demonstrate true servant leadership as role models.

Conroe Police Department year after year brought their barbeque pit out to cook barbeque and hot dogs for the kids and adults that attended Kid Fish and Kid’s Day at the Park. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus this year’s event was cancelled until 2021.

Another program our club has supported in the past is Shattered Lives. With the help of both local firefighters and law enforcement, high school students reenact the consequences of Drinking and Driving just prior to their most vulnerable times- Prom and Graduation.

Many of our Kiwanis members have worked in law enforcement and have become the President of the Conroe Noon Kiwanis Club. Past presidents of the Club include Jon Buckholtz, ex Lieutenant of Conroe Police Department and current Criminal Investigator of the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, Deputy Chief of the Conroe Police Department, Jerry Abbott, and Dorcy McGinnis, Lieutenant at the Conroe Police Department. Leadership becomes a lifestyle in their volunteer work in the community. We are proud to have them as members.

Remember that October is Fire Prevention Month. If you see a firefighter in your child’s school or participating in a local event, thank them for keeping us safe while risking their own lives.

We continue to have our Virtual Membership Drive through November 15th. Our luncheons are now meeting on the first and third Wednesday of each month and any potential members are invited to come have lunch on us to find out about the club. As an incentive, any new member will receive free lunch during their first quarter and the opportunity to have their name in the new membership drawing at the end of the drive, November 15th. We seek volunteers from the community to learn all about Kiwanis to share fresh ideas to inspire the youth and children in the Greater Conroe area! Email Javier Pena for more details at

Conroe Noon Kiwanis hopes to see you at our meeting Wednesday, October 7, at noon! We meet at Hacienda Mis Padres (5104 W. Davis, Conroe)