Courier May 20, 2019

Our weekly lunch was hosted by Yes for Youth-Montgomery County Youth Services last Wednesday. The Kiwanis Club is fostering the relationship to go deeper in our community partnership and what better way to learn more about the organization than taking a tour of the teen youth shelter? We anticipate offering services as volunteers, mentors, and donors to strengthen the development of our local youth to be leaders.

One program we love to brag about is our scholarships for high school youth to strengthen local youth on their journey to become leaders. Member Carolyn Price and her committee awarded 9 -$1,000 scholarships for the 2019-2020 school year. The recipients will be awarded $500 in the Fall semester upon receipt of enrollment of a minimum of 12 hours and $500 in the Spring semester upon receipt of the completion of the 12 hours from Fall.

The names of the scholarship winners are withheld for this article pending notification this week. We are excited to name the school locations: 2 from Conroe High School, 2 at Montgomery High School, 2 at Willis High School, 2 at Caney Creek High School, and I recipient at Covenant Christian School.

More details to follow! Or come to our next weekly luncheon every Wednesday at Hacienda Mis Padres Grill (5104 W. Davis, Conroe, TX 77304) at noon. Visitors and guests ALWAYS welcome.